Fully integrated with Design Connected

Get your designconnected.com 3d models on your desktop!

Link Connecter to your designconnected.com account and get galleries, descriptions and files details for all your Design Connected products.

Browse by category or fast search all your Design Connected 3d models within Connecter.

Automatic synchronisation of your downloaded files.

Connecter knows if a file on your computer comes from designconnected.com and links it to the right product for an easier access.

Free models

Every installation of Connecter comes with 5 of our premium 3D models – completely for free.

More Features (click the link to watch tutorial)

Works seamlessly with Autodesk 3ds Max

Connecter will make big improvements in your design productivity by offering complete integration with Autodesk 3ds Max.

Perfect previews

No need to open a file in 3ds Max just to see what it is – with Connecter instant native previews

all your .max files are just a click away.

How much quicker is that?

Versions revealed

Open a folder the normal way and it’s not always easy to know

which .max file versions you are dealing with.

But with Connecter all the file data you need is revealed clearly and conveniently.

Instant insertion

With the 3ds Max program open, Connecter acts as a floating window

from which you can simply drag and drop 3D models into your scene.

Not happy with the result? Just keep replacing until the right result is achieved.

Simplicity itself.

Keep connected

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Your feedback is needed

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